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Finding Jobs Online

Searching for a job online presents new opportunities and challenges. If you want a job in the Dayton area, many are indeed listed online. But how to filter out all of the other jobs from around the country and even the world? Focus is the key word.

Most job search websites have ways to focus your search on certain areas by state or city. If you are simply "trolling" for information about businesses in general with a general search engine like Yahoo! , include your target state or town name in your search.  Using terms like "Marketing AND Dayton" will narrow down the prospects. Many job search sites have "bots" or agents available that will take your criteria and then send you email with search results. There are many service sites that will provide you with a free email account, and we list a few below.

Resumes Online:

There are over 100 Internet sites where a person seeking employment can directly submit a Resume  Employers search these Resume banks seeking a match for their job listing.

Free Internet Services

  • GeoCities - a "community" where you can "homestead" with a web page and email account
  • Free email at Yahoo
  • Free email at Hotmail
The other way of using the web as a resource in a job search is to scope out an employer before you make contact. By finding the employer's web page you are doing valuable research into their approach to business in general. By also searching for articles and announcements about the company you can learn a lot. You may even come across important names and titles.

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